Finance Data Analytics Manager

İş tanımı

As REED Turkey, we are looking for a "Finance Data Analytics Manager" with below requirements for our client in FMCG sector.


  • Master’s in computer science, mathematics, statistics, actuarial sciences, econometrics,
  • Upper Intermediate and above level of English,
  • Min. 8 years of experience working with Data & Analytics, Finance,
  • Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques and concepts (regression, properties of distributions, statistical tests and proper usage, etc.) and experience with applications,
  • Expert with popular open-sourced tools e.g., Python, SQL, R, Scala, JavaHigh resilience,
  • Forecasting & predictions leveraging statistics, machine learning etc,
  • Advanced skills with Data Visualization tools e.g., Power BI,
  • Ability to work with big data platforms specially Google Big Query,
  • Well versed with Big Data Framework, Apache Spark, Hadoop Platform etc,
  • Fluent with financial terms & definitions,
  • Creating and/or contributing to a vision,
  • Innovative, problem-solving ability.

Job Description

  • Lead efforts to provide analyses through advanced analytics/statistical methods that tell a “story” focused on business insights, and develop reusable and robust analytic frameworks to ensure consistent results across business areas,
  • Design and implement solutions to address complex business questions using advanced statistical and machine learning techniques, experimentation, and big data,
  • Work closely with business managers to understand and maintain focus on their analytical needs, including identifying critical financial metrics and KPIs, and deliver actionable insights to relevant decision-makers,
  • Proactively analyse data to answer key questions from stakeholders or out of self-initiated curiosity with an eye for what drives business performance, investigating and communicating areas for improvement in efficiency and productivity,
  • Create and maintain rich interactive visualizations through data interpretation and analysis integrating various reporting components from multiple data sources,
  • Define and implement data acquisition and integration logic, selecting appropriate combination of methods and tools within defined technology stack to ensure optimal scalability and performance of the solution,
  • Understanding the business requirements so Identify new internal and external data sources to support analytics initiatives and work with appropriate partners to absorb the data into new or existing data infrastructure as to formulate the problems to solve and restrict the slice of data to be explored,
  • Collaborate with business analysts to help them come up with actionable, high-impact insights across product lines and functions,
  • Work closely with top management to prioritize information and analytic needs,
  • Establish KPIs to measure the effectiveness of business decisions & perform follow-up analysis,
  • Carrying out issue identification and analysis techniques, such as pattern and root cause analysis, to help identify issues and propose solutions,
  • Author technical requirements for IT developers to build new features and enhancements for business reporting tools,
  • Develop features, functionality, and integrations that drive organic growth to our apps and information databases,
  • Implement business rules for programmatic data validation by codifying market conventions and/or data relationships,
  • Lead ad hoc projects to optimize processes and/or improve the quality of the data set.
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