Reed’s Turkey salary guide 2023

Use our salary guide to compare the average salary in Turkey by sector - a resource for both employers and employees.

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Our 2023 salary guide looks at average salaries and benefits across seven sectors in Turkey. The guide enables you to benchmark pay and benefits for your workforce across the country or discover your earning potential. Download our free salary guide now.

The cost-of-living crisis and exponential rise in inflation has caused uncertainty throughout the country, while Turkey’s workforce has substantially reduced due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic, and talent shortages across multiple sectors.

It’s crucial in this strained and candidate-driven market that you re-examine your salaries and compare them against your competition to attract and retain the right professionals.

By using our guide, you’ll understand the value of jobs across the country, helping you to stand out when looking for new employees or searching for a new role.

Who is our salary guide for?

Whether you’re looking to determine if you’re earning enough now, if a career move could be more lucrative, or whether you’re paying your staff adequately, our salary guides allow you to compare pay across the country in multiple sectors – from accountancy and finance jobs to technology roles.

Do you need benchmarking advice?

Use our salary guide to compare salaries and consider the most desirable benefits to offer your employees, to ensure your remuneration packages are competitive. With talent shortages and high demand, you must arm yourself with the market knowledge to help you retain your existing workforce. Doing this will encourage a greater number of applications to your roles.

What should you be earning?

Use our 2023 suite of salary guides to evaluate your worth, help you decide whether to accept a new job, or map out your career path – could a move to a different sector be worth your while?

What sectors does the guide cover?

In our Reed Turkey 2023 salary guide, we look at salaries and benefits across the following sectors:

  • Accountancy & finance

  • Business support & administration

  • Engineering & manufacturing

  • Human resources

  • Marketing & sales

  • Procurement & supply chain

  • Technology

So, whether you’re looking to hire a chief information officer (CIO), chief financial officer (CFO), HR business partner, or marketing research manager – or if you’re trying to find out what you should be earning as a payroll specialist, junior auditor, or director of procurement, you can use Reed’s guide for reassurance.

Why choose the Reed Turkey salary guide?

Reed’s salary guide is the most reliable available and has been put together with data and insight from our own recruitment experts.

In addition, the guide features an overview of the sectors nationally, with insights from our experts.

Our data will help you ensure you make the most informed choices.

Salary and benefits benchmarking

We surveyed 115 workers to inform our salary guide. You can read the full analysis in our ‘Our survey says’ section of the guide.

Key findings from our research include:

  • Over a quarter (26%) are ‘somewhat unhappy’ with their current salary – 16% reporting to be ‘very unhappy’ with it. When asked why they are unhappy, 100% of those respondents said it was because their salary had not risen in line with the cost of living.

  • Three per cent of those surveyed said they do not receive any benefits where they currently work.

  • Of those who receive benefits, the top three most common are company mobile phones (67%), performance bonus (57%), and health insurance (56%).

  • When looking for a new job, 72% would find a company car/car allowance to be one of the most attractive benefits, followed by health insurance and performance bonus (both 65%), and an annual salary increment (58%).

To effectively benchmark salaries and benefits, use the button above to download our Turkey salary guide for 2023 now.