Senior System Engineer

Job details

Founded in 1960 in the UK, REED has grown continuously and become a leading brand both in the UK and the international arena. Today REED has 350 offices with more than 3.000 employees and is providing services across 20 specialist sectors.


We work closely with experienced and qualified professionals across a wide range of industry sectors, delivering bespoke recruitment solutions on a variety of roles for mid and senior level.


As REED Turkey, we are looking for a "Senior System Engineer" with below requirements for our client in Software sector.



  • Preferably graduated from Computer Engineering
  • Minimum 7 years of experience
  • Managed web server applications such as IIS, Nginx, Tomcat and Apache and has knowledge of infrastructure system management.
  • Have experience working with MSSQL databases
  • Experienced in Windows and Linux (RHEL) operating systems
  • Experienced in logging and monitoring software such as PROMETHEUS, ELK, GRAFANA
  • Experienced in NPM and APM applications such as Dynatrace
  • Knowledgeable about Atlassian products
  • Speaks good English
  • Positive, solution-oriented, analytical, strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to be part of a fast-paced and fast-growing environment
  • Able to take a proactive approach in steps to identify problems and likes to research new technologies to improve his team and his own skills.
  • Highly detailed in his work, dedicated, passionate about problem solving and strategic thinking

Job Description

  • Management 3rd party application server services and related servers
  • Establishment of necessary monitoring and warning mechanisms for proactive monitoring of online services, equipment and integrations in terms of continuity and performance, and control of their operability.
  • Urgently organize necessary business stakeholders and third parties in case of a problem
  • Control and documentation of the channels required for problem resolution (operating system event logs, service logs, database application logs, etc.)
  • Preparing problem analysis/intervention best practice and emergency action procedures on a service basis, keeping documentation up to date
  • Preparation and documentation of Problem/Incident reports
  • Installation of new online services, preparation and implementation of necessary servers and configurations
  • Operating system patch management in online service servers, Server disk capacity usage management, Carrying out tasks in accordance with ITIL processes
  • Ensuring system continuity in extraordinary situations related to the team's areas of responsibility
  • Carrying out operational processes related to areas of duty
  • To provide internal company requirements related to areas of responsibility
  • Preparing problem analysis/intervention best practice and emergency action procedures on a service basis and keeping the documentation up to date
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