Sales Finance Supervisor,Away From Home Key Accounts

Job details

Founded in 1960 in the UK, REED has grown continuously and become a leading brand both in the UK and the international arena. Today REED has 350 offices with more than 3.000 employees and is providing services across 20 specialist sectors.

We work closely with experienced and qualified professionals across a wide range of industry sectors, delivering bespoke recruitment solutions on a variety of roles for mid and senior level.

As Reed Turkey, we are looking for a "Sales Finance Supervisor " with below requirements for our client for FMCG Sectors.


  • Leadership skills: set the agenda, taking others with you and doing it the right way
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Affinity with AFH Channel dynamics and customers
  • + 5 years sound planning experience (Sales Finance, FP&A, SCF)
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft(excel, word , PowerPoint) as well as ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP
  • Good communication and presentation skills, ability to interact with customer at times
  • Attention to detail while being able to see the whole picture
  • Makes the right short-term decisions without sacrificing long-term results
  • Translates strategies into plans that can be effectively executed
  • Takes appropriate, well-reasoned risks
  • Communicates persuasively to win support
  • Values and leverages people with different perspectives and experiences
  • Influences others through reasoning and relationships
  • Excellent knowledge of English & Turkish

Job Description

  • Develop Annual Key Account Calendar
  • Integrate Key Account gain/renewal process into AOP
  • Build Annual & Long Term Key Account Calendar to be cascaded to Leadership Team
  • Identify pressure points, challenges and set the agenda on delivering results on Calendar
  • Desing an effective Key Account P&L Process
  • Prepare & Key Account P&L’s
  • Build a systematic approach on preparing new P&L’s to improve effectiveness and reduce manual workload
  • Be part of the monthly RF process by providing risk & opps analysis driving from Key Accounts
  • Develop an integrated internal network/system to be able to capture all necessary costs & impacts into the renewal/gain P&L’s
  • Set Financial Strategy to drive “right Customer” selection
  • Partner with Sales team in reporting, planning and governing Key Accounts
  • Develop a pool of Key Customer per channel, identify profit pool’s and drags on Channel profitability
  • Help Sales Team select “winning customers” by providing external financial assessment on prospect customers
  • Partner with Sales and RM Strategy teams in building monthly, quarterly, annual Key Account D&A
  • Prepare trend analysis for Key Accounts – risks & opps on AOP delivery
  • Analyze customer specific CDAs for AFH Key Accounts
  • Own account gain approval process
  • Own AFH account gain process together with AFH Sales team
  • Provide insights and analysis into new customers prior to P&L finalization process
  • Inform the system on potential and upcoming customers who will deliver growth to PEP
  • Build scenario’s, trade-off’s to gain an edge on negotiation process
  • Financial leadership on channel profitability & NRR delivery
  • Constant analysis of existing Key Account P&L’s to drive improvement actions
  • Developing strategy on pricing across Key Account portfolio to drive NRR
  • Deliver mix initiatives, drive SS & NS to improve NRR
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