Outplacement Services


Insight and support during a time of change

Designed to help organisations through the redundancy process, REED Outplacement service provides vital support that equips affected individuals for the next stage in their careers, whilst ensuring the morale of retained staff remains as high as possible.

Impartial and professional support at a stressful time allows people experiencing job loss to assess their prospects realistically. Our programme of support delivers just that by providing insights into their genuine motivators, talents and strengths.
We achieve this through a combination of:

Individual Transition Support
Intensive one to one support from highly experienced career transition consultants gives individuals the skills and tools to approach the job market in a professional and proactive way.

Group Transition Support
Working in a group situation provides a fast-track development opportunity where individuals can learn from others facing similar challenges, whilst enhancing their own career management skills.

Online Career Support
An extensive range of online tools allows clients to enhance their career management skills whilst providing access to powerful databases such as One Source business intelligence and e-gold recruitment.

The benefits of this service are; better morale - the adaptability and productivity of retained staff remains higher and there's less likelihood of unwanted staff attrition. Just as important, ex-employees are more likely to talk favourably about your business. It protects against unfair dismissal litigation too and ultimately helps enhance your longer term positioning as an 'employer of choice'.